Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Innings of a lifetime

Words were probably never lexiconed for a performance like this or for a situation like this, ( don’t know if they ever can be) for the man we all know as SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR showed us once again that why in the country we call India we have cricket as religion and him as the GOD. And probably that is the reason that the Almighty is not on his side as much as he should be (I don’t think any single god must be having as much following as Him.) Probably ,its providence that Sachin doesn't find him on the winning side after a performance like this..... Otherwise he truly would have been regarded as the GOD.... the one that people have actually seen....
Fans would probably be remembering the number of matches that have ended up this way. One that especially stands out is the Madras Test Match 1999. Providence in collusion with mortals acted together to make it one of the most disappointing endings one has seen in a match. Ganguly was given out to an atrocious decision, while the lower order just collapsed like anything. Many would ofcourse blame Tendulkar himself for playing an irresponsible shot.
But it would not be right to hold Tendulkar responsible for the all the losses that have come his way despite his valiant efforts. We also need to ask the question did the other members of the team contribute enough to earn that glory. Certainly didn’t most of the times.
People will probably blame Sachin for not going all the way more than once. For analyzing Sachin completely people should also remember his remarkable performances with the bat. Some of the performances he’s produced with the ball have been …… (words fall short) outstanding to say the least. Its philosophical or poetic (in)justice that may be you don’t achieve your pinnacle the way you want……… Probably it lies with your lesser talents.


Ish said...
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Ish said...

He is a gem no doubts on that but every time mortals show that he is next to god, coz gods are never on the losing side.